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We offer a huge selection of personalized products. Most can be found on this web site; here we list some of them.

Acrylic Awards
Acrylic awards come in a very large variety of shapes and sizes.

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Acrylic Embedments
Acrylic embedments are products encased in the acrylic. These range from coins, badges, personal items to documents,or logos with silk screened text on acetate. They are all suspended in the poured acrylic. Many customers embed an item along with the silk screened text. A large selection of acrylic shapes is available and each is sized to best display your embedment. These pieces are custom, so longer lead times may apply.

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Bowls, Silver & Pewter
Silver bowls are available in many sizes in both domestic and imported brands and all are engravable.

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Braille Signage
Braille signs are a colored appliqué on a different colored substrate. The appliqué is cut and the excess removed to form the raised figures and lettering required. The Braille text is then engraved in the substrate under the raised letters. There must be a significant color contrast between the appliqué and substrate. These signs can be placed in wall holders or applied directly to the walls. All signs meet the ADA specifications.

Buttons are available in 3 sizes, 1 ¾", 2 ¼" and 3". These have Safety pin metal backs. There is no extra charge for 4 color printing. Minimum order is 50 pieces

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Cast Bronze Plaques & Plates
Cast bronze plaques and plates are the ultimate dedication for individuals, organizations, buildings, parks, markers etc. Numerous sizes and colors are available to meet every requirement. These can be mounted indoors or out doors but the vast majority are used for outdoor applications. Let us help design the right piece for your needs.

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Clocks, Desk & Wall
We have several suppliers with a wide variety of wall and desk clocks. We will custom engrave or imprint to meet your specifications.

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Crystal & Glass, Awards & Gifts
We have a large selection of products, from crystal corporate awards to gifts for the individual, something for every price range! All glass & crystal is Sand Blasted which gives each piece a very rich and stunning appearance.

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Flag Cases & Shadow Boxes
All of our flag cases are made of solid woods such as Cherry, Walnut and Oak and are of the highest quality workmanship. Most are freestanding but wall mounted case are available. All have glass fronts not the less expensive plastic which will yellow with time! They can be had with or without bases. Many have attached shadow boxes under the flag for displaying the departed╠s memorabilia such as Campaign Ribbons, Special Awards, Rank Insignias, Medals, Discharge Papers, etc., etc. These shadow boxes come in various sizes to better fit your needs. Custom sized & engraved plates, to your specifications, are attached to either the wood bases or glass front.

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We can supply you with the perfect personalized gifts from a vast collection in our vendors stock. Company and personal logos along with individual names and messages are possible on most items.

For the company anniversary, product launch, manufacturing milestone, holiday or special occasion a personalized gift showcases you and your facility.

Individual weddings, anniversaries, house warming and birthdays are perfect for giving that special distinctive item.

NOTE: some minimums may apply.

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Hot Stamping
Hot stamping or embossing (debossing) is generally done on Leather or Leatherette materials. It can be done in several colors including gold & silver. A more subtle result is hot stamping using no color in the recessed printed area commonly called blind stamping!

This process is generally used on Books, Bibles, Pad Folios, Day Planners, Brief Cases, Bags, Leather Tags and similar items.

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Industrial Engraving
We have several methods of engraving products for industrial customers; the most common is Diamond Drag. We can also Burnish, which uses spinning flat diamond tips of various sizes. Laser engraving can be done on many soft materials such as woods, plastics, leathers, and some anodized materials, etc. Our customers currently have us engrave copper plates, stainless steel sheets & hang tags, signs & tags for fire and electrical boxes and systems, machine tags and various other industrial components.

Logos, Engraved & Printed
Logos Laser engraved. Laser engraving is done directly from good artwork. Depending on material used sometimes colors will engrave as halftones. Black & white artwork is always best. The end results is a very smooth logo the color of the substrate or base color of the plate.

Logos Mechaniclly engraved. Good photo ready artwork in black & white with no shading or halftones is required. This artwork then goes through several, time consuming, conversions to ready it for our engraving computers.

This engraving is usually done on various colored metals. The end result shows all the diamond cuts and swirls and makes a very beautiful and distinct logo!

Printed logos and pictures; these can be printed in full color on white metal or plastic. Silver or gold material can be used but any white in the logo or picture will print out as the color of the material. This process is used on Plaques, Name Badges, Acrylic, Glass, Clothing and other materials. This makes a very stunning finished product!

Medallions Standard & Custom
Medallions are available for almost all sports, functions, academic studies and general categories. All are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze colors.

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Name Badges
There is no such thing as a "Standard" name badge and almost 100% are plastic!! The majorities are between ¾" & 1 ½"high x 2 ½" to 3" long but all are made to customers requirements. Any shape or size is available. A large number of color combos can be used. Most are laser engraved and cut out to size. Logos can be lasered, imprinted or silk screened depending on quantity and colors chosen. Many types of back attachments are available with the latest rage being "Magnetic Backs"! 95% of our customers today use these Mag backs which eliminate the older pin backs that tore up jackets, blouses and shirts! Let us know your requirements and we can supply them for you.

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Pens & Pencils, Imprinted & Engraved
We carry and custom engrave pens from Cross and Airflyte. Some are available in their own wood cases which we can laser engrave!

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Engraveables has a multitude of plaques and accessories for all your award needs. We can personalize any plaque with your logo and recipients names. There are a large number of plaques to choose from whether it be one you pick out of a catalog , from this web site or we can custom make or design something that meets your needs. The plaque sizes vary but for most corporate plaques we use either 7"x 9", 8"x 10" or 9"x 12". These plaques come much larger and much smaller than those we have mentioned here. The styles also vary. You can have genuine walnut plaques to a piano finish (high gloss) plaques and many in between.

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Plates, Engraved
Plates of most any material can be engraved. Colored Brass & Aluminum are most common in the awards industry. When the color is engraved away the base material shows through the engraved area. For example, black coated brass will engrave gold & black coated aluminum will engrave silver.

When engraving on brass that has a protective coating (engravers brass) the engraved area can be oxidized, this blackens the lettering for better readability. We have many colors of coated brass and aluminum plus copper and brushed or bright nickel.

NOTE: None of these products are recommended for exterior use!!

Ribbons, Stock & Custom
We stock flat 2 x 8" ribbons with string and event cards from 1st to 8th place along with Participant ribbons. 12" high 3 streamer Rosette ribbons are stocked in 1st to 3rd place. Our manufacturer can quickly supply a wide range of other stock ribbons with 24 hour shipping.

Custom made or imprinted ribbons are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can also choose from a large selection of stock logos or have your Black & White artwork made into a "Die" for your ribbon logos.

Signage, Interior & Exterior
Interior Signs;
All most all signs used in buildings today are special plastics engraved. There are a huge selection of colors and textures available to compliment any décor. There are also many sign holders to meet every requirement. These include various holders for desks, walls and corridors. Many times signs are attached directly to walls, doors, panels, etc., with out holders. All material is cut to your specifications. We can supply everything from the tiny mail box tag to 12"x 24" and larger which can be wall mounted or hung.

Exterior Signs;
Signs for outdoors must use exterior plastics that are UV stable. These are much less expensive than metal with vinyl lettering. From door bell tags & pet memorials to tree identification and corporate signs let us know your needs. Note that we do not do large building or road side signage!!

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Trays, Silver & Pewter
We can supply and engrave a wide selection of trays. From imported silver to Reed & Barton silver, or domestic Pewter a wide range of sizes and styles are available.

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Trophy & Resin Awards
We manufacture trophies to customer's specifications, using bases, columns and figurines as required. From the simple figurine on a base to large 3 & 4 post trophies and multi-year trophies all are available.

Figurines are supplied for most categories. A variety of column styles and colors can be used; these include round, square or wood, which are cut to the height required for your awards.

We can also use mylars on any trophy or plaque. They can be used on some resin awards also.These can be a stock or custom mylar. Another great option is a stock mylar with an outer text ring, custom done for you or your organization.

Resin awards have become the favorite for many programs and individuals. They are available in most categories from youth to adult and come in various sizes. Other than the standard gold & silver many now come in full color and all are reasonably priced. Some are unique and geared to a specialty market such as horse racing, with a beautiful "Trotter".

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Wood Laser Engraved
Wood can be laser engraved and is generally used for award plaques. Logos can be part of the engraving and these make beautiful, high end, awards. Most woods and shapes are able to be engraved including Ball Bats, Boxes, Pens and most other items.

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